Are You Aware of Your Patterns?

Over the two-day program you will come to recognize your ingrained patterns of thought and response that affect many decisions. You will learn how to implement your awareness in your working life.

Unexpected Teachers

You will work side by side with horses to complete a series of carefully designed challenges. You will fail and you will succeed and you will learn more about yourself than you imagine.

In an atmosphere of complete trust and confidentiality you will gain insights that will permanently enhance the way you make decisions.

From Battlefields to Boardrooms

Recognized for its many benefits in personal development and helping trauma survivors, equine assisted learning is now propelling executives, physicians, and high-performance teams and leaders to new levels of effectiveness through self-awareness.

How it Works

Horses are unnervingly sensitive to your actions, body language, thoughts and emotions and will cooperate only if you are being honest with yourself.

Working with horses creates a tight feedback loop as you learn to acknowledge, understand, and transform your unconscious decision-making process.

A Peaceful Sanctuary

A ranch in the quiet woods, luxurious accommodations on a white sandy beach, 2 days, 11 other finance professionals, and 7 supporting staff create an experience that is intense, productive, and memorable.

Executive Team

Paresh Patel

Having traded various markets at major investment banks and hedge funds for 20 years ( including Salomon Brothers, Tudor capital and Brevan Howard) Paresh now splits his time between coaching seasoned portfolio managers in London and New York and working with the Sio Victus team.

Karen Kendrick

With 20 years of facilitation experience, Karen leads horse trainings nationally with corporate leaders, physicians in leading health care systems, administrators, managers, coaches and counselors. She has Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching certification and is an E3A Certified Equine Corporate Practitioner.

Kathy Kessler

Kathy has a 10-year track record of coaching leaders to build greater capacity for effectiveness and self-renewal in high stress business environments. She brings 30 years of business experience across many industries including financial services. Kathy is certified through New Ventures West (SF) as a Certified Integral Coach (CIC) and credentialed by the International Coach Federation.

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